Video with Tom Bilyeu: STOP Gaining Fat and How You Can Turn FAT STORAGE Off


A talk with Tom Bilyeu about why people are getting overweight and obese. The presence of a  biological switch that makes you fat, and what foods turn it on and off.




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It’s no secret, sugar has been labeled the bad guy in the standard American diet for years now. As new diet fads circulate around the internet and the latest trends and research seems to change every other day, finally some pieces of the “what’s making me fat” puzzle are starting to fit together. Even more so, with today’s health concerns, obesity is no longer the only indicator for poor health and metabolic disease. Dr. Richard Johnson is board certified in internal medicine, infectious diseases, and kidney disease and is known as the Fructose Expert. In this episode he’s breaking down the orchestrated events taking place in our bodies between sugar, salt, and how your foods are triggering you to gain weight.

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0:00 | Introduction to Dr Richard Johnson
0:42 | Why We Get Fat
6:18 | Fructose Signaling
17:47 | Is Fructose the Problem
26:34 | The Dehydration Trigger
34:59 | Watch Your Salt Intake
41:00 | The Role of Uric Acid
47:34 | Get Your Vitamin C
51:36 | Avoid These Foods


“There is a switch that animals use to go from being us normal weight to overweight, that switch, you can activate it by certain types of foods.” [1:53]

“The fat is like the firewood, and the sugar is like the fire. So if you take away the fire, and you go on a low carb diet, and you are in high fat now, well, there’s no stimulus to gain weight because because you’ve taken away the fructose” [17:18]

“One of the classic means for stimulating fructose turns out to be from a high glucose level in the blood.” [23:02]

“When you eat, if your glucose goes up in your blood, it triggers the production of fructose.” [37:59]

“So it’s either the fructose you eat, or the fructose you make if you eat a lot of fructose, you’re going to activate the switch.” [38:58]

“We have a higher uric acid, and this makes us more sensitive to the effects of fructose because fructose is working through uric acid. […] and when that happens, we become very sensitive to sugar” [40:14]

“In the potency sugars, number one, high glycemic carbs are probably number two. salty foods are distant three, and umami is maybe even a four.” [44:36]

“Exercise turns out to be a great way not to lose weight, cause it doesn’t burn many calories, but it stimulates the mitochondria, you won’t notice the benefit except the benefit’s going to be happening.” [55:46]

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