Nature Wants Us to Be Fat

“The science behind how sugar is not food but poison.”   - Robert Lustig

If one wants to be able to prevent, treat, or cure obesity, one must first understand its cause.  Dr Richard Johnson is an internationally acclaimed scientist who presents the newest information on the surprising cause of obesity and related conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.  The key discovery was to understand what drives obesity in nature (such as in hibernating animals).  Obesity is triggered by a biological switch that makes us insulin resistant and fat.

In Nature Wants Us to Be Fat, Dr Johnson shares the mounting evidence on how this switch is responsible both for excess fat storage and many of the major diseases endemic to the Western world, including heart disease, cancer, and dementia, along with a science-based plan to fight back against nature.  Guided by his and others’ ongoing clinical research—plus fascinating observations from the animal kingdom, evolution, and history—Dr. Johnson takes you along on an eye-opening investigation into:

  • What you can do to turn off your survival switch
  • What we have in common with hibernating bears, sperm whales, and the world’s fattest bird
  • Why it's fructose (not glucose) that drives insulin resistance and metabolic disease
  • The foods we eat that trigger the body to make its own fructose
  • The surprising role salt and dehydration play in fat accumulation
  • The link between the survival switch and health conditions such as gout, kidney disease, liver disease, stroke, behavioral disorders like addiction and ADHD, and more
  • How to use this pioneering research to not only prevent and reduce obesity, but also lower our risk of developing disease

The Sugar Fix was one of the first to bring attention to the possibility that fructose may be a primary culprit for the obesity epidemic.  Fructose is present in table sugar (sucrose) as well as in high fructose corn syrup.  The book reviewed the clinical and experimental evidence and present the first low fructose diet for the treatment of obesity.


The Fat Switch presents an overview of the evidence that fructose may be the primary food driving the obesity epidemic.  The studies suggest that the ingestion of fructose is distinct from other nutrients in that it can trigger a biologic “switch” that makes you want to store fat and become prediabetic.  This switch is used by animals in the wild to help them gain weight in preparation for periods when food is not available (such as when birds are migrating or when animals are hibernating).  In today’s society people are eating too much fructose and this is resulting in many of us becoming obese.


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