A calorie is NOT a calorie. Dr. Rick Johnson explains how a simple mutation turned a simple sugar, fructose, ostensibly an energy source, into a metabolic poison which foments the chronic diseases that plague America, and indeed the rest of the world.
Robert Lustig, MD, MSL, UCSF neuroendocrinologist and author of Metabolical. 
A fascinating look at the science of obesity, with many practical tips. Dr Johnson points out that "It is not our culture that is making us fat. It is our biology" and proceeds to explain that biology from an evolutionary viewpoint. An important book.
Jason Fung MD, Author of the Obesity Code
Rick [or Richard] has spent his career elucidating the unique metabolic properties of fructose in a way that has brought immense clarity to the field. I have learned a great deal from his research, and it has shaped how I think about nutrition science, insulin resistance, NAFLD, type 2 diabetes, and the cluster of metabolic diseases that link to metabolic syndrome. By providing an evolutionary explanation for fructose’s unique metabolic role, he takes the emotion out of a very charged topic and lets the biology speak for itself.
Peter Attia MD, Founder, Early Medical; Host, The Drive Podcast
This fascinating and provocative book makes the case that fructose has a unique role to play in the development of diabetes, obesity and other chronic diseases. Is there a "fat switch" and can we reverse it? Dr. Johnson takes us on an entertaining, wide-ranging journey, through animal and human studies as well as stories from the history of humankind, to provide some rigorous answers.
Nina Teicholz, science journalist and author of the international bestseller, The Big Fat Surprise
Dr. Johnson is a prolific scientist who has uncovered amazing discoveries on the metabolism of fructose and its relation to health. In this latest book, he presents a credible new theory to explain why more and more people are getting fatter and sicker and what can be done about it. This is a rare book that breaks down decades of impactful scientific work into easily digestible sound bites. As such I consider it highly valuable reading for researchers and healthcare professionals, while being easily accessible to the lay person as well.
Jeff Volek, PhD, RD
Because of my interest in the connection between diet and brain function, I have closely followed the articles and books published by Richard Johnson. He has always been at the leading edge of diet and health issues, especially when it comes to the central role of fructose. His new book “Nature Wants Us to Be Fat” sets a new standard when it comes to understanding the pathology of obesity and metabolic disorders. He presents a complete scientific-based description of the underlying pathology, and he uses this information to give us revolutionary new tools to reverse obesity and metabolic disorders. This book is a “must read” for the medical and scientific communities, as well as for the general public.
William L. Wilson, MD, Family Physician, expert on effects of carbohydrates on the brain,, author of Brain Drain
Despite all the sickening stereotypes about fat people being lazy, stupid, and incapable of controlling their food intake, the reality is that the kind of foods matter when it comes to packing on the pounds. Dr. Richard Johnson has been on the cutting edge of looking at this issue for many years by zeroing in first on the fructose aspect of weight gain. But after digging even deeper into this topic, he now realizes that there is even more to the obesity story than mere fructose consumption. Nature Wants Us To Be Fat gets into the nuts of bolts of exactly how we got here and what it will take now to deal with this once and for all. Fantastic read!
Jimmy Moore, international bestselling author of Keto Clarity
With authority and clarity, Nature Wants Us to Be Fat presents critical insights into the challenges of obesity. Johnson, an authority in the field, presents a powerful new framework for understanding why we gain weight, why it is so difficult to lose weight, and the most effective strategies for maintaining optimal weight and health. Nature Wants Us to Be Fat presents many crucial insights with salience for human health professionals, patients and anyone interested in understanding and effectively approaching challenges of overweight and obesity in their own lives.
Barbara N. Horowitz, MD, Harvard Professor and author of Zoobiguity
Rick Johnson is a top-notch scientist and a gifted writer. He has been at the forefront of research on human nutrition and physiology and has developed a novel understanding to explain at the metabolic level why we are destined to gain weight and what to do about it. In his new book, Rick writes about the latest research on this topic in very approachable and easily understood terms and artfully blends this with real life examples from nature and cultural references to make for a very compelling, informative and fun read.
Michael Goran, MD, Expert on Sugar and Pediatric Obesity, and Author of Sugarproof
What if fructose is the key common denominator that is making us and keeping us fat? In Nature Wants Us to Be Fat, Dr. Johnson presents a compelling, meticulously researched case for why nature has exquisitely designed our bodies to store fat in response to excess fructose, and how that knowledge can dig us out of the monumental metabolic disease epidemic we are in. In this book, you'll not only learn how fructose is driving our survival mechanism ("the survival switch") to store fat, but also how surprising factors like dehydration, umami flavors, and even low vitamin C contribute directly as well. Dr. Johnson teaches us how to protect our precious mitochondria from the effects of fructose so that we can achieve our health goals. Metabolic dysfunction is ravaging the globe, with an incalculable toll of lost lives, human suffering, and medical costs. This book is an evidence-based lifeline and a practical path forward for any individual who wants to lose weight, take control of their health, and understand the impact of food on the body.
Casey Means, MD metabolic health physician and co-founder of Levels
Professor Rick Johnson, the author of the Fat Switch, has written a must-read and delightful follow-up book full of interesting information describing the surprising science behind weight gain. By the understanding of our ancestral genetics and studies of nature the author uses a biomimetic approach to explain and understand the power of fat and why obesity have turned out to be a "pandemic in slow-motion." Read this book and learn from one of the best popular scientific writers why nature wants us to be fat.
Peter Stenvinkel, MD, Karolinska Institutet. An International Expert and Advocate for how Nature can Teach us about Medicine
Nature Wants Us to Be Fat is a book by Richard Johnson that must be read. It describes the journey of a recognized scientist moving back and forth from observations in zoology and anthropology to rigorous laboratory observations leading to the conclusion that nature defense mechanisms are at the root of obesity and other present day diseases. Aside from the conclusion, the journey itself is recounted in a fluid and enthralling way that makes impossible to put the book to rest until the last page is turned. Go for it!
Bernardo Rodriguez-Iturbe, MD, Professor of Medicine and Past President of the International Society of Nephrology
I found Richard Johnson’s Nature Wants Us to Be Fat to be a fascinating and insightful book. I was amazed by Dr. Johnson’s ability to weave together data from so many disparate disciplines, including geology, archeology, anthropology, molecular biology, biochemistry and metabolism, to form a novel set of observations and insights. He then fill gaps in knowledge from his own laboratory research. The entire story that Dr. Johnson presents is well written and very entertaining as well as highly informative and very stimulating. This book is a tour de force.
Joel D. Kopple, MD. Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Public Health UCLA. The Lundquist Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center