Podcast – The Secret Cause of Obesity with Baroness Claudia von Boeselager


A great discussion with Baroness Claudia von Boeselager on her Longevity and Lifestyle Podcast.  Here we talk about a secret cause of obesity, the role of dehydration and salt intake, and also how salt and sugar can also play a role in cancer and dementia.  More importantly, how to monitor dehydration with recommendations for how to be well hydrated and prevent weight gain.

The Role of Dehydration in Metabolic Diseases, Salt’s Detrimental Impact and Role in Cancer, The Link Between High Salt and Sugar Diets, Dementia and Alzheimer’s, How to Monitor Dehydration and Prevent Weight Gain with Dr. Richard Johnson! (Episode: #62) The Longevity and Lifestyle Podcast episode can be heard on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and watched on YouTube. For more information (links from the episode, terminology, quotes, and transcript) check out https://longevity-and-lifestyle.com/podcast-62-richard-johnson