Video – At Loyola University, New Insights into the Epidemic of High Blood Pressure: Role of Salt, Sugar, and Uric acid


This is a video of my Medicine Grand Rounds Lecture to the Loyola School of Medicine in Chicago on the 4th of October, 2022.

High blood pressure is the most common disease in humans, and affects over 30 percent of the population.  It is the primary cause of strokes and heart failure, and also has an important role in kidney disease.  Here we discuss the studies that aim at finding the cause.  The surprising finding is that high blood pressure is really a disease of the diet, and that both sugar and salt have a major role.  Here we take you through the discovery process, and make recommendations.  One exciting finding is that it is not the amount of salt we eat that is the problem, it is the balance of salt and water.

Watch the video here.