Conference – Low Carb Conference to be Held in Denver (February 23-26th, 2023)


There will be a Low Carb Conference organized by Dr Jeff Gerber on February 23-26th, 2023 at the Gaylord Hotel near the Denver airport. Jeff is a Denver physician who has been a leader in the low carbohydrate movement for many years, and he has had a yearly conference that usually brings in many leaders of the field, including academic physicians, scientists, dieticians, fitness experts, and authors.  I have attended the meeting in the past and have always been impressed. It is usually a great place to hear about the different viewpoints, the evidence, and various approaches people are using to combat obesity.  I also think it is important for anyone interested in the field as it provides a wide range of perspective, from hard core science to empirical dietary approaches. I will be speaking this year as well, and will present a similar talk as the one I gave at the obesity conference that was held at the Royal Society of Physicians in London in the fall of 2022.

The conference has a discount for students and fellows (20 percent off) and also is 99 dollars for those who only want to attend virtually.  It will be help at the Gaylord Hotel near the airport. Here is the link to the conference

Get your tickets here.