Christopher Columbus and Beatriz Bobadilla


On his second voyage to America, Christopher Columbus stopped in the Canary Islands to get supplies.  It was at La Gomora where he met the widowed governess, Beatrice Bobadilla, a young woman famous for her beauty and charm.  Columbus meant to only stay in La Gomora for a few days, but ended up staying for nearly a month. When he left, the lady Bobadilla gave Columbus a present to take to the New World—sugarcane.  It was in Hispaniola that this sugarcane was first planted, and it appeared an ideal climate for its growth.  By the early 16th century the first sugar was brought back from the Americas.  Soon the importing of sugar set up the infamous triangle trade, in which sugar was imported to Europe, then goods sent to Africa where it was used to pay for slaves that were then taken to America.  Over the next centuries over 10 million slaves were brought to the Americas.  Thus, what was born from love ended in discrimination and hate.