Article – Fructose Lurks Within the Obesity Epidemic


It tells about the book Nature Wants Us to Be Fat and how obesity was meant to aid survival but today we are over-activating this “survival switch” to become fat and diabetic.  The primary problem is fructose, a sugar that is in healthy foods such as fruit, but which when ingested in large amounts (such as from sugar and HFCS) can lead to obesity. Also, recently it has been found that fructose can also be produced from other carbohydrates besides sugar, especially high glycemic foods such as bread, rice, and potatoes.

Read the Finnish language article here .

The Hummingbird’s metabolism is frantic. It breathes 250 times per minute. Its heart beats more than 50 times per second. Its wings beat 80 times per second and its body temperature is 38 degrees. Such a frantic metabolism should burn all the calories that a hummingbird can acquire during the day. Still, it gains weight every day.